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News & Tips

Be Careful Washing and Waxing

Rinse brushes and mitts often, to avoid grit which can scratch the paint. Be aware of jewelry and clothing with metal buttons, rivets and zippers. It's easy to accidentally rub them up against the car and scratch the paint. Better yet, allow Car Care to handle all of your automotive detailing needs.

Wheels & Tires

BBS manufactures the finest wheels for most of the top automotive manufacturers in the world; Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler, Jaguar, Lotus, Mazda, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Subaru, AMG, Citroen, Opel, Pininfarina, Saab, Peugeot, and Alpina.

We are proud to say that Car Care uses the same Wheel Cleaner for all their wheels. Wheel cleaners that tout “spray on, hose off" are too harsh and detrimental to your wheel's protective coatings and paint. Most wheels have a painted, aluminum base coat followed by two or three layers of clear coat. These Wheels should be treated just like paint. The safest way to clean any type of wheel finish is with professional cleaner.

Easy cleaning tip.

Spray your wheel wells with Rubber Cleaner and scrub. Let it sit while you're cleaning your wheels. Then blast clean with a strong stream of water. Follow up with Undercarriage Spray.

Paint Cleaning Clay

I've been using Paint Cleaning Clay for over 10 years and still meet people who don't understand what this amazing product does or are too nervous to try it on their car. Paint Cleaning Clay removes all the contaminants that sit on top of your paint. With this one step your paint will never be smoother, will be totally clean and ready to wax, and you'll eliminate the laborious step of polishing your paint just to get it clean.

First, wash your car and dry it off. Run your fingertips over your paint. Does it feel silky smooth? Or can you feel tiny bumps? Contaminants are most noticeable on the rear or lower side panels of your vehicle. What you're feeling is an accumulation of fall-out, road tar, dirt, grime, grease and oil that sticks to your paint after miles of driving. Other culprits of this gritty feeling are paint over-spray, acid rain, bird droppings, bug jerky, rail dust, and tree sap. You'll discover your vehicle's glass is also covered with contaminants that clay will remove.

Most folks figure a good hand polishing is needed to remove this roughness and clean the paint to get it ready for waxing. But polishing reduces the depth of the paint and is totally unnecessary unless you are trying to remove a scratch. If you are just trying to clean the paint to get it ready for waxing, then using Paint Cleaning Clay before waxing is the way to go.

Not only does clay work better than a hand polish, but it removes more contaminants and is also a lot less work. The clay is a very pliable bar, and its sticky nature enables the clay to pick up and hold onto the contaminant as it glides across the surface. To get it to glide across the surface, Speed Shine must be used as a lubricant.

The Inside Story on Car Care

Many people believe that having a car that looks great on the outside is a good compromise for what it looks like on the inside. To truly keep your car in prime condition you need to get the inside story about Car Care and cleaning.

Whether you are an auto enthusiast or view your car solely as a means of transportation, proper care, inside and out, will help your car last longer and create a comfortable environment for you — and your passengers.

  • Glass. Clean windows are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are an important part of having a safe vehicle.
  • Replace Wipers. Windshield wipers are the most vital part of visibility for safe driving.
  • Wash Your Car And Protect Its Finish. Wash your car once a week to protect against paint deterioration, acid rain and rust and to keep it looking its best. Do not use dish soap as this can leave spots, especially on a dark colored car, and can remove the car's finish.
  • Dust And Dirt. Most people don't think of dusting their dashboards, consoles, cup holders, rear window shelf or under the convertible top, (a great dust trap), etc. but dust and common allergens collect inside the car and can be difficult to clean.
  • Vacuum and Remove Odors. Every time you wash your car, vacuum the car's upholstery and floor mats.
  • Shield Your Car. We all know covering a car that is parked under a tree is a wise decision, particularly in the fall. What you may not know is that extreme cold also may place a lot of stress on a vehicle.

Hand Polishing.

The second safe way to go about polishing and waxing your painted surfaces is by hand. Though hand polishing will not remove every swirl mark and in some cases leaves more marks in the paint if you use the wrong polish, it is still the method of choice for small localized paint defects. Should you decide to forgo our Machine Polish and Wax System we still offer hand polish solutions for deep scratches and localized paint imperfections.

Provided you first use Paint Cleaning Clay, hand application of polishes, and even more so for waxes, will provide excellent results. After you've applied your hand polishes, you may still notice some swirl marks and light scratches. Hand polishes do remove some scratches, but generally rely on fillers in waxes to hide surface imperfections. Several coats of the Best of Show Wax will hide any light scratches.

Again, use the polish sparingly, work in small areas and use the cross-hatch method. (go in one direction, and then rub in a perpendicular direction.) If you have a deep scratch, the best way to remove it is to polish out using perpendicular strokes over the length of the scratch. The challenge with hand polishing is to keep the pressure even and the coverage thorough.

Take your time when working by hand. It's hard to work and easy to get a bit tired, thus messing up areas. Work in small sections. If you're working on heavily oxidized paint, keep several clean polishing pads handy and keep turning your cloths, working with clean areas.

You can get excellent results by hand, but don't think you will remove every swirl mark. The time involved, and the effort is just too great. There is still not a better way to a perfect finish than with the Machine Polishing System.

One added note: you should never use aggressive hand polishes and rubbing compounds on painted finishes. Car Care uses products and application methods that are guaranteed to provide the best results for all paints.