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Our Services

Detail Services

$99 Special - Mini Detail
Have your vehicles Interior & Exterior cleaned inside and out for only $99 (SUVs $119)!
Services include:
  • Hand Car Wash and Waxed Exterior
  • Bugs & Road Tar Removed
  • Wheels Cleaned and Tires Shined
  • Windows Cleaned Inside and Out
  • Interior Wiped Down
  • Vacuum Seats and Carpets
  • Door Jambs Cleaned and Gaskets Sealed
  • Floor Mats Shampooed and Stains Removed

*Same day cancellations will be subject to a fee.

Car $99
Truck/SUV/Wagon $119
Full Detail - Exterior / Interior
Comprehensive cleaning and conditioning of all surfaces of the entire car. This includes the interior detail and exterior detail.
2 Seat Car $150 & up
Car $190 & up
Truck/SUV/Wagon $225 & up
Exterior Detail
Exterior wash, remove bugs & road tar, buff & hand wax exterior paint, clean & dress rims, tires, & wheel wells, clean door jambs, detail all cracks & crevices (Some vehicles may require compound for heavy scratches, and or wet sanding.)
2 Seat Car $100
Car $120
Truck/SUV/Wagon Additional
Interior Detail
Vacuum, shampoo carpets, upholstery and mats. Removing stains, candy, gum, dirt, dog hair, sand, etc... Through clean dash board of dust of grim, vents, steering column and cup holders. Clean and protect all leather and plastic, on doors and seats. Clean windows and door jambs of grim and grease. Apply protection on all rubber gaskets around door jambs and trunk.
2 Seat Car $100
Car $120
Truck/SUV/Wagon Additional

Car Wash&Wax Services

Exterior Hand Wash
Exterior hand wash and chamois dry, clean rims and shine tires. (SUV & oversize vehicles add’I)
Car $20 & up
Exterior Hand Wash And Vacuum
Exterior hand wash and chamois dry, Vacuum interior, and clean rims and shine tires. (SUV & oversize vehicles add’I)
Car $30 & up
Hand Wash with Windows Cleaned
Hand wash,wash rims and condition tires, clean glass inside and out. (SUV & oversize vehicles add’I)
Car $30 & up
Hand Wash with Interior Clean
Hand wash,wash rims and condition tires,door jambs cleaned, clean glass inside and out, wipe down dash and vacuum. (SUV & oversize vehicles add’I)
Car $49 & up
Hand Wash and Wax
Hand Wash, clean rims and tires. Removal of bugs & tar, as well as light scratches. Apply a long lasting wax on surface of paint. This will provide a gloss that will protect your vehicle for four times as long as natural waxes. Finished off with a shining protection for tires.
Car $49
Truck/SUV/Wagon $59 & up

Other Services


Now Offering Ceramic Coat Finish which Improves the Characteristics of your Vehichles Exterior Image, especially on dark colors, it hides micro-scratches & swirl marks more effectively and is the longest lasting, most durable shine available.

Clay Bar Treatment

We offer Clay Bar Treatment, this process removes common contaminents from the surface of you vehichle. These coomon contaminents can destroy your vehichles surface.


Now offering power washing services for car dealerships, parking garages, parking lots, store fronts, dumpsters, buildings, houses, decks etc.


No job is too big or too small. Our body shop has its 3rd generation working in it and is on all the major insurance lists. We work directly with your Insurance Company.


Fixing & Replacing Cracked and Damaged Windshields.


Protects the Fabrics Inside the Vehicle from Stains.


Clean and Condition Leather preventing it from cracking


Scratches most think only a body shop would be able to remove and we remove fine scratches created by machine car washes.

  • Shops Open 8 am Each Day Closed Sunday/*Longwood Garage opens at 7 am.

    *Same day cancellations will be subject to a fee.